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Meet every Wednesday 11.15am at The Playground Theatre Café.

What is Well Read?

We run our group reading on Wednesdays at 11.15am.

We meet in the Playground Theatre Café on Latimer Road W10 5RQ.

We are a group of all kinds and cultures and we respect everyone's rhythm and access needs.

We meet to read plays and talk about them.

Every session is run by a professional actor, director, or writer, who also specialises in running community groups.

The facilitator introduces service users to each other, to the play, and hands out parts fairly as we read, ensuring that everyone who wants to read gets the chance to and facilitating those that don’t.

There’s no pressure to read at our groups and members are welcome to listen.

Service users come and go as they need to and access for all is prioritised.

We often find that confidence grows throughout a session… by the end, everybody wants a go!


By participating once in Well Read, you become a member of our ‘Well Read Community’, entitling you to one free coffee, 15% discounted tickets and ongoing discounts on hot drinks and bar, all at our quiet, welcoming and warm, theatre bar. We have space to work, plays to read and comfy cushions! Half of the Playground Theatre’s work is charitable work, based in our local community.

WELL READ started four years ago at St Charles mental Health Unit – The sessions were hugely popular - participants continually explaining that our sessions were a brilliant way to meet, have fun, and discuss ideas and themes without feeling the stress of making it personal.


We have heard countless times how it can be a relief to see things through someone else’s eyes, have a break from one’s own thoughts and that our groups relive isolation and build confidence. Funded by our kind partners, we took this service into the community of RBKC, North and South, partnering with many local institutions and services.

When we entered lock down, the need for WELL READ was even greater, so we launched our online service, which is still thriving!


Our participants can access us from across the borough… even across the world on occasion! 


Since returning to face-to-face sessions, the service has gone from strength to strength, finally settled back in our own Theatre Café in our weekly sessions.


We even have a separately funded group running in Northern Ireland.


KCSC - Kensington & Chelsea Social Counci

Formed in April 2002 we are the result of a merger of the Chelsea and Notting Hill Social Councils. The former was established in 1968 to meet local needs in areas that now make up the south of the borough, while the latter was founded in the late 1950's in the aftermath of the social disturbances in the area.

We offer a range of services that help us support health, voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) and Residents in the borough. This includes access to training and funding, advice and information, as well as facilitating the voice of the local voluntary and community sector, building and supporting community led action, as well as representing the sector at a strategic level. We also offer a number of schemes and initiatives including volunteering.


The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

In a borough usually associated with affluence and wealth, there are also areas of severe deprivation. We identify and support projects which improve the lives and life chances of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community

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